‘We cannot solve our problems by using the same
kind of thinking we used when we created them.’

– Albert Einstein –


Project Premise:

P1000208There simply are not enough boarding schools and existing small-scale residential schools, orphanages, old-style care institutions or foster homes and adoptive families that have logistical capacity to provide effective cognitive & educational care for the increasing numbers of vulnerable children. Two hundred million children around the world live in extreme poverty without parents, homes or schooling to sustain them.

Growing up without hope, many children end up on the street without access to food, safety, shelter or education. These children are often forced into prostitution & child armies. The past has proven that many lost children also grow up to be the next generation of terrorists, gangsters and drug-addicts.

Why Youth Villages?

We believe modern society can & should do much better.


Proven quantitative & qualitative caring capacity: With up to 1500 residents and day students (in various youth villages), over 60 existing youth villages provide care & education to children & teenagers from diverse social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Comprehensive Community Capacity Building: Large-scale youth villages serve as a social hub that supplies training, direct employment & economic benefits to local stakeholders from surrounding communities.

*UN research (PRSP’s) defines ‘Access to Education & Employment’ as basic capacity building factors needed to alleviate poverty.

Mission Statement:

We motivate influential people & childcare experts to develop large-scale youth villages to help turn the tides of poverty, and safeguard children that need hope, schooling & shelter, and fulfillment of their true potential.


No country can ever really develop unless its citizens are educated’

Nelson Mandela