P1000258Past: ‘Urgent need for shelter in a time of war’:
In the 1930’s volunteers created Youth Villages in what  later became Israel. A mix between kibbutz and boarding school, these villages sheltered adolescents fleeing the Nazi regime from places as diverse as Russia, Germany, Spain, Egypt or Yemen. During the Second World War this network of residential education & care programs continued to develop.

Present: ‘A new viable way of schooling’:
Since first being established Israel’s Youth Villages have sheltered over 500.000 vulnerable youngsters. The Israeli Residential Education & Care department is currently annually responsible for over 40.000 adolescents in 60 Villages. Long term experience absorbing children from different backgrounds has fostered practical know-how in helping new waves of child refugees.

‘The need for new ways to support Vulnerable youth’:

Around the World right now there are an estimated 200 million orphans and fugitive children who need help. Youth Villages could shelter many of these children and enable them to live beyond the traumas they face. One example of the potential of Youth Villages was built in 2008 in Rwanda, where 1.2 million children were orphaned during the 1994 genocide:

‘Today you may cry – but tomorrow you may laugh!’
Henry Kabiona – teenage survivor of the Rwandan genocide

Modelled after Yemin-Orde Youth Village in Israel, Agahozo Shalom is now home to 500 genocide orphans, and celebrated it’s first graduation class in 2013. From now on ASYV high school plans to graduate 125 students every year. ASYV is a unique African springboard able to cultivate a future generation of educated and motivated Rwandans prepared and able to shape their own country’s future.


ASYV is a unique project that brings together a team of passionate and seasoned professionals and volunteers from around the World. This is a working example of how Youth Villages could be established for many more children caught in the crossfire of poverty & war without shelter or basic care.

For more information please visit:  https://www.asyv.org