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‘It takes a Village to transform Youth Justice and Child Welfare Systems’

*Since we started on our mission in 2008 to raise awareness for the practical ‘hands on’ knowledge how various types of youth villages work through our educational documentary film titled ‘Here is Hope’. |The project was offered full support by the Residential Education & Care division at the Israeli Ministry of Education and is being used to introduce Youth Villages to international child-care experts by among others FICE – the Federation of International Childcare Experts –in Denmark – Copenhagen, University and Beit Berel University school of social work in Israel and the Heyman-Merrin Family Foundation, Founder of  the Agohozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda.

‘Advocating for Youth Villages as a proven method able to support many more Vulnerable Children around the World’

Russia began an invasion of the Ukraine on Thursday, 24th February 2022in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that began in 2014. Internationally considered a war of aggression, the invasion is the largest military assault on a European state since World War II creating a new wave of victims of war. Millions of people are now on the move across Europe. Many are traumatized, including children whose families are forced into seeking safe refuge in other countries. Since 2008  we’re looking for ways to advocate for safety and new chances for young refugees. We set up a lobby and made a film (Here is Hope) depicting the Youth village module from the perspective of children in need in Rwanda & Israel. This long proven system of residential care is designed to shelter refugees, help them deal with trauma and find their way in society.

We’re urgently asking ourselves what we can do now to help the new wave of Ukrainian child refugees. We believe that the youth village module is perfectly adaptable and able to create practical support, shelter and safety for children in need anywhere in the World.

We invite you to watch our documentary and help us take action.

On behalf of the Life Tools team

Marion Frankenhuis & Paul King