Policy & Goals

Project Goals:

Life Tools Foundation – a non-profit foundation established in 2008 in the Netherlands – is working to advocate for and focus International attention to the potential of Israel’s innovative large-scale residential Youth Village module. Linking with the 2015 United Nations Millennium Development Goals assessment year, LTF proposes the Youth Village module as a modern tool able to support many more of the World’s rising numbers of vulnerable children – a tool that can be instrumental to help to achieve the stated 2nd UN MDG:

‘To provide all vulnerable children with a basic education.’

1. Inform people and childcare experts in influential positions of the proven success – potential, and adaptability of large scale youth villages, and advocate to build more.

2. LTF project presentation at the 2015 Millennium Development Goals re-assessment round in New York, to lobby for youth villages as a proven way to achieve the second MDG Goal i.e: ‘Achieve universal primary education for all children regardless of their race, religion or financial situation.’

3. 2015: Create hands-on workshops in ‘A Practical training in youth village methodology’ to introduce government level education ministers, forward thinking headmasters and regular staff in how to create and run a youth village network.

Public Documentation:

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