Board & Advisors:

“We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens
in any society – a life free from violence and fear.”

– Nelson Mandela

In Memoriam: David Macarov – Ph.D Professor Emeritus and ‘Father of Life Tools’

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.24.53Full time fellow at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, David was a lecturer in the International Educational Development circuit and an author of 13 books and 58 peer-reviewed articles. He was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Mongolia (2008), the Paul Baerwald prize for contributions to social work & welfare (2009), and the Swedener award for contributions to social development (2010). His life mission was to advocate and push the Youth Village module forward for poverty stricken nations, particularly in Africa and Asia, by adapting it according to regional needs. He was dedicated, humane and a source of inspiration to all who had had the privilege to have known him.

We’ll forever cherish the dear friendship and collaboration we built over the years and intend to uphold his legacy by advancing on his ideas to make the world a better and safer place, in- and outside of Israel, for the many disadvantaged and refugee children.

Members of the Board:

Marion Frankenhuis, Co-founder and Secretary: 
As her parents lost family in the second-world war, Marion realizes the critical importance of being able to grow up in safety. Now Mother of three daughters and several grandchildren herself, Marion is strongly committed to do whatever she can to safeguard other children. As a teacher Marion works with people from various backgrounds in programs to support immigrants integrate into society.

Ex president of the Dutch and European Youth Aliyah, Marion was first inspired about the potential of Youth Villages after spending a month working in one, where she met professor David Macarov. Their ensuing discussion focused on how to find a way to promote the large-scale Youth Village module worldwide for many more children.

Paul King, Co-founder and Chairman: 
Paul is an internationally experienced documentary filmmaker. The Centre for Global Development uses his film work as a showcase for international poverty alleviation. For Paul making films is a sure way to rouse social awareness for urgent social issues. Paul lived in an English boarding school from the age of 7 till 10, and was later moved to Ben-Shemen youth village in Israel. This first hand experience of how youth villages and boarding schools work has convinced him there is a real need to rethink residential education.

‘I believe in the youth village module because it is a successful, affordable & flexible means to combat poverty and build fragmented communities from the bottom up, which can be implemented anywhere in the world in a short time span to create lasting chances and good lives for kids and adults.’

Rosa van der Wieken – de Leeuw, member: 
The daughter of parents who survived the second world war in hiding, Rosa appreciates the fact that the practical actions of caring individuals can make a real positive difference in other people’s lives. After training as a physician and psychotherapist, Rosa headed the clinical research department of an international pharmaceutical business.

As an active member of “doctors without borders” Rosa went on crisis intervention missions in countries like Afghanistan and Congo. Later she became active in local politics as an alderman and member of the city council of Amsterdam.


Dr. Haim Peri – Director Emeritus of Yemin Orde Youth Village: 
Dr Peri acted as ‘The Yemin Orde Initiatives’ head, and is a Chief adviser in setting up the Agohozo Shalom Children’s Village project in Rwanda.

Gabriël Troostwijk: 
Gabriel’s business expertise and ardent support of the foundation manifests in practical advice in defining foundation goals.

Hans Toebes-Ruitenberg – Co-founder & adviser: 
Child psychologist Hans has experienced first hand how the lack of supportive networks damage children’s lives. Her contribution to the foundation is pragmatic, based on relating the child’s perspective to the foundations goals.

Board of Recommendation:

Dhr. Ahmed Aboutaleb – Mayor of Rotterdam

Dhr. Fred Salomon, Juvenile Judge & vice President of the Amsterdam Court

Dhr. Hans van Baalen – Delegation leader  VVD  (Dutch Freedom & Democracy political party) in the European Parliament and President of the  ‘Liberale Internationale’.

Anyone who wishes to help place more youth villages on the World map is heartily invited to join our platform.


(Note: The remuneration policy of the LTF board is that members work on a wholly voluntary & unpaid basis. All funds are used solely to meet the objectives of Life Tools Foundation.)